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Acts 18: The Breaking Point
by From the Pastor's Desk on February 18th, 2013

Push Until it BREAKS!

Acts 18:9 And the Lord said to Paul one night in a vision, “Do not be afraid, but go on speaking and do not be silent, 10 for I am with you, and no one will attack you to harm you, for I have many in this city who are my people.” 11 And he stayed a year and six months, teaching the word of God among them. 12 But when Gallio was proconsul of Achaia, the Jews made a united attack on Paul and brought him before the tribunal, 13 saying, “This man is persuading people to worship God contrary to the law.” 14 But when Paul was about to open his mouth, Gallio said to the Jews, “If it were a matter of wrongdoing or vicious crime, O Jews, I would have reason to accept your complaint. 15 But since it is a matter of questions about words and names and your own law, see to it yourselves. I refuse to be a judge of these things.” 16 And he drove them from the tribunal. 17 And they all seized Sosthenes, the ruler of the synagogue, and beat him in front of the tribunal. But Gallio paid no attention to any of this. 
On Day 14 I drew your attention to Paul’s ministry and his perseverance. He went through great trial everywhere he went. Beatings, imprisonments and rejection were the norm during his first missionary journey with Barnabas. The same thing is going on with his second missionary journey with Silas. But he never stopped. He was still looking to go to other places to preach the Gospel as soon as he was delivered from trials. Many seek rest and avoid trial after they’ve been delivered, but Paul was compelled in his spirit to spread the message that changed him.

In this chapter, Paul reaches the city of Corinth in the Roman province of Achaia. This is where he meets Aquila and Priscilla; a couple who would be used together in ministry. But that is just the start of what happens in Corinth. In all of the other cities there was opposition from the religious establishment and the local government. It always began with the religious establishment and manipulated the local government to bring formal charges against the apostles. This is why what happens in Corinth is so remarkable. Of course the religious establishment is upset. They are always upset about something. But when Sosthenes (the new leader of the synagogue; the old one is now a follower of Jesus Christ) takes his claims against Paul to the government, the response is outright disinterest and aversion against the charges. In the past, there were staged mobs that would cause a public outcry in the city to persuade the government. Sometimes that was not even necessary. This time, however, Gallio (who was proconsul of Achaia at the time) simply responded “I refuse to be a judge of these things. (verse 15)” 

What happens immediately after this is also remarkable. The locals lay hold to Sosthenes and beat him right in front of the tribunal. To be clear: they committed assault against a religious leader in court in front of the judge and the judge looked the other way. This is a turn in Paul’s ministry. This speaks to something that is going on “behind the scenes” with respect to Paul’s ministry. Of course, there is always prayer going on in an Apostolic ministry. But now we are seeing that there is a dominion in the ministry of Paul that is affecting the spiritual climate of the city all the way to the heights of government. This had never happened before. The only thing stopping them from having great success in a city was the length of time they were allowed to stay in the city. In the case of Corinth, the apostles were allowed to stay in Corinth for many months winning hundreds of new converts. Some believe that the church went on to grow to as many as 10,000 at its very height.

What can we take away from this? We are seeing the power of persistence and consistency paying off in the ministry of Paul. The prayer and faith of their ministry is having an effect on the spiritual influence that is in the city. How can I make this claim? Well the bible establishes that religious and governmental authorities that work against the Gospel are in fact motivated by spiritual influence. In the case of the Thessalonian church, we see that Paul makes mention of “Satan hindering” them from coming back to the city. However, we have evidence in Acts 17 that the way Satan worked against the apostles was through the governmental figures. We also see this type of correlation with government in the book of Daniel when the bible mentions the princes of Persia and Greece that war with an angel. These are not natural princes, but demonic princes warring against the kingdom of God. And in the ministry of the church, there is such activity that works against the hearts of men to manipulate them against the church as well. 

What we see in Paul’s ministry at this point is the breaking point in the strongholds of opposition that have warred against him in the past. The next chapter is also evidence of this as well. God can give us great dominion in the cities that we minister. He is able and will do so in Bowie. Just press to the breaking point. Pray Until Something Happens. Watch God do what only God can do.

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Carla - February 18th, 2013 at 5:14 PM
Amen, Amen and Amen this is the true words of God.
From the Pastor's Desk - February 18th, 2013 at 9:14 PM
Praise God!
Sherri - February 20th, 2013 at 7:49 AM
We just %u201C(Can) not be afraid, but (need to) go on speaking and (can) not be silent"!! We have to keep on pressing!
From the Pastor's Desk - February 20th, 2013 at 8:05 AM
If God before us, who can be against us.
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